Sunday, March 24, 2013

Movie update - looks!

After our review we started developing the look of our videos further, since it was only us who had a somewhat clear idea about it. We weren't really able to get it across with the rather rough graphics that we provided to show how our movie would work, so we went into detailed modeling, very rudimentary lighting and the materials a little earlier than planned.

Modeling of infrastructure

Infrastructure, terrain and a place holder tower

Tunnel leading into the tower's railways station

Shot from the tunnel leading into the tower's railway station

This is a brief mid-quality movie of our introductory shot (without a transition and with still a ton of glitches) that should give everyone a faint idea of the final look..

Some technical details: We are planning on going with a rather simple looking ambient-occlusion-in-white- look for the final render, because we won't really have the time to model aaaand shade everything we want to show. Plant geometry and people may turn out to look really boring with that, so depending on the looks we'll consider painting them in pastell-tones.
There is still a problem with the shader assigned to the glass and its transparency in this shot, because for some reason it shows the placeholder tower made in maya, but not the imported geometry (visible during the brief view from the side of the coach) - we haven't figured out why exactly.

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