Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We are currently polishing up our work and getting it into presentation format, one of which is a 5 minute movie. Film is not necessarily the most common means of presenting architectural work and our's is even more unusual, because it is all about people in a way: We want to have a camera follow a series of people who work and live in and interact with each other and the tower. This is a long shot - literally - because it should have smooth flow and therefore no perceivable cuts, it should look casual, should show a bustling city full of busy and hapy poeple etc. but also - almost secretly - put the building on display as some sort of a very accented background. Our camera can therefore be imagined as an invisible, very curious flying robot, an all-knowing immaterial entity. 

Our movie features a series of 8 characters that seemingly coincidentially meet, pass by each other etc. and experience the everyday excitement of a real city in the ambiente designed by us. Technical difficulties with this are, that we have to come up with smart ways of putting all the extra information in the movie that urbanists, architects and engineers are interested in, when looking at such a project. We are trying to put parts of the videos that we already have made into the scenery in postproduction (see Storyboard). Needless to say, our focus of study lies on the social impacts of living in confined space and creating quality sourrounding, which is one reason for the video being rather simple and not necessarily photorealistic. Also we have been working alot on how this tower works and do not intend to create all the interior, which is why we will just be hinting at colors, shapes and structures inside the building.

We are currently producing the movie in maya in a few steps: 

*creating architectural models from our mass models
*animating the path of the camera in the enormous environment
*assessing the coarse video in terms of movement speed, flow, timing etc.
*add architectural detail * add people *add sounds * postproduce with texts, screen contents, FX, etc.

This is how far we got - the first three shots of a total of six. Coarse models and low-quality renders.

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